Want To Spice Up Your Kid's Bedroom? Paint The Walls In Chalkboard

Posted on: 10 March 2016

Whether you are putting together a nursery or looking to make improvements to your toddler's room, you have to decide what things to add or change to create an attractive and functional room. If you are interested in painting the walls, you should color them in chalkboard. As soon as your child nears two years old, they should be working on their fine motor skills, and drawing with chalk could be good practice. 

Great for Exercising Their Creativity

As your kid grows in age, they will constantly have a space to work with to display their creativity. Instead of having to buy crayons, markers, and colored pencils, you can just give them chalk sets occasionally. Art is not just about putting something on the walls that they want to create, but helping them grow. With walls to always create art on, you do not have to worry about restricting their personal growth.

Participate in Making Artwork

An easy way to get more involved with parenting is by participating in putting artwork on the walls. Since you kid will not be able to reach the higher parts of the walls for many years, you can use this space as your canvas. If your kid likes a certain movie or character, you can do something special for them by drawing them these things, which they can admire while they grow up.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not want to discourage your child from drawing. If you draw something on one of the walls and they get frustrated that their work does not look as good, you will find it best to stop drawing. You do not want to stunt their creativity due to frustration. At this point, you just want to make them feel as good as they can about what they are drawing and putting on the walls.

Enjoy an Ever-Changing Room

A huge benefit that comes from chalkboard walls is that they are ever-changing. It only takes a few seconds to remove chalk, and then you or your child can begin putting new art on the walls. Since their artwork never makes it onto a piece of paper that you can scan and save on your computer or put into a box until they are older, you should make sure to take high-quality photos of the artwork.

Whether you do your own paint job or get professional help, chalkboard paint is a great addition. Contact companies like Painters by University Painters for more information.