Three Kinds Of Stress-Free House Paint That Make Residential Painting Easy And Affordable

Posted on: 16 December 2015

Whether you want to or you have to, residential painting (or house painting) is often expensive and time-consuming. You have to find and hire painters and then either buy the supplies or tell your painters what paint colors and finishes you want and they purchase what is needed. You could also paint your own home yourself with some of the more advanced house paints on the market. The following three kinds of paint have individual properties that make painting a room easy, quick and affordable.

Paint and Primer in One

Professional house painters often have to apply one to two coats of paint primer to a wall before painting it. Then they apply one to two coats of paint. In between each coat of primer and paint, everyone has to wait for it to dry. Sometimes, the walls require sanding in between coats, especially if you have to use a really thick primer or a "spot primer" for small areas. With a paint and primer all-in-one can, you can now paint an entire room yourself, usually in a single coat (two, if the original paint color on your walls is really dark).

Paint That Requires No Pre-Washed Walls

Before, you had to wash all of the walls you intended to paint, and then make sure you and the rest of the people in your home did not touch the freshly-washed walls before you applied the paint. You could not risk the oils from your fingers, dust, dirt or even food splatters from blocking the adhesive properties of the paint you were using. Now that there is some paint that does not require you to pre-wash your walls, you can paint over food splatters, crayon, marker-- just about anything you have stuck to the walls without any worry about the paint covering it and hiding it.

Paint That Destroys Mold and Mildew (and Keeps It from Spreading)

This last development in house paint is the most recent, and one which numerous homeowners can appreciate. It contains ingredients that not only help you cover and hide unsightly mold and mildew spots on your walls, but also prevents the mold and mildew from spreading. It is still advisable that you find out where moisture or water is leaking into your home so you can stop the leaks, but in the meantime you can use a fresh coat of this type of paint to make your walls and ceilings look nice and prevent the spread of these unsightly growths.

If you need professional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for residential painting services by JV Painting & Decorating or another trustworthy home improvement company.